Nebraska's match to the common core
Alignment Executive Summary Found on NDE web page along with the full report
Omaha Gomath, common core,

Note to parents about misconceptions about Common Core Math
NCTM President encourages continued implementation of Common Core Math Standards (not necessarily the testing emphasis)
New resource for parents and teachers Youcube plus video on "Why US Needs Common Core Math"
Parent resources for understanding common core

Common Core Standards for Mathematics

Common Core Assessments

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Common core resources from Linda Gojak

CPAM past president
  • The website of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematicsprovide excellent information about good mathematics teaching, but it also includes the latest information and resources for the CCSSM. Be sure to read the president's message -- Mike includes a lot of gems on resources for the common core in his messages. Don't forget the illuminations lessons and activities for great resources as well.
  • This is Bill McCallum's (one of the ccss authors) blog. He has included some excellent documents that describe the learning progressions of the K-5 domains and I believe there may be a middle school one as well. I haven't checked recently. We have found his work on the learning progressions to be very helpful.
  • When this site finally gets up and running it will be a great resource for tasks that exemplify all aspects, domains, grade levels of the common core. Jerry Moreno, a colleague of mine) is working on the data section (along with about 25 of his closest friends) and he anticipates there will be around 200 data examples posted. The site was to be launched on July 4, but I just checked and right now there is just the home page....stay tuned
  • This site has some excellent elaborations on the standards themselves including some examples and models (I like many of their fraction models). You will need to scroll down to the mathematics standards and then you can download pdf files for each grade levels.
  • this is similar to the document from North Carolina. Some people I have spoken with like this one better (I haven't studied this one as much as the NC files because I haven't had time!)
  • This website has some good activities by topic and grade level. Although I haven't looked at all of them, the ones I have seen are pretty good examples related to the common core.

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