This page has activities for holidays through out the year.

Last Days of School
April Fool's Day
  • April Fools Day Powerpoint Try this number trick with your students. Math is everywhere!!!!!
  • April fool number code.pdf April Fools This worksheet has students complete a number trick, assigns letters to digits in the answer and then creates April Fools backwards.

Valentine's Day
  • This fun sheet involves slope and y-intercept into a valentine activity. Created by Deb Bulin valentine ALG-SLOP.DOC

Pi Day March 14
  • This document has suggested activities as well as links to many other sites.
  • Powerpoint from Lenny with activities, posters, and facts
  • Pi Day Rubric for creating a Pi Day project with students
  • Have students create a ruler that when placed around a circular object measures the diameter of the circle.
  • GREAT RESOURCE Blog Post with MANY PI day links
  • Find your birthday in the digits of Pi. This web page will search the digits of pi and find the first time that your birthday August 17, 1951 = 81751 occurs.
  • Pi Day video at Beatrice High School with Erin Hamilton
  • Pi Day and Star Trek video of posters from Beatrice. Students connect Pi and Star Trek to demonstrate their understanding of Pi.
  • Pi Day Rap
  • Cybraryman web page has several links for pi day.
  • Pi Day activities and jokes
  • One Million Digits of Pi.doc Thanks to Julie Einspahr and her students at Franklin Nebraska an error was discovered in this document. There are only 100,000 digits. I am not for sure where this document came from but an error was discovered. My students were looking at the printout of the 1 million digits of pi that was in the march nmpds folder. Are you aware that there are actually only 100,000 digits in that document? There are 110 characters per row with 72 row on a page, which is 7920 characters per page. There would have had to been 126.26 pages to contain 1,000,000 digits.
  • How Far Around.doc activity with a circle
  • JeopardyInstructions.pdf for the power point PIDayJeopardy.ppt
  • Music is used to help memorize digits of pi. This is a song I wrote to help me memorize π, since I can memorize music easier than strings of numbers. In my mind, I can hear the melody, and figure out the numbers.
  • "If a man-and-a-half can eat a pie-and-a-half in a minute-and-a-half, how many men will it take to eat 60 pies in 30 minutes"

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