10-Team Building Activities to Begin School
8-Back to School Activities to get to know your Students
Six ways to Motivate Students to Learn
5 Key Strategies to Engage Students Larry Ferlazzo’s
10 ways that to engage students from students
Tim Elmore Four Ways to Engage Students
Five principals to Engage Students in Math Allow more mistakes, Support their struggle, Let the kids teach too, Answer a question with a question, Personalize the question. Blog post on Edutopia.
Student Engagement = Student Ownership = Student Choice
Dan Meyer, "If Math is Basketball, Let Students Play the Game" Blog post
Dan Meyer's blog post
A blog, "10 simple strategies to reengage students" http://www.edutopia.org/blog/reengaging-students-andrew-marcinek I would add student ownership of learning to the list.
The Power of a Good Mistake NCTM Summing it Up from Linda Gojak
Great blog post from Dan Meyer on Ten Design Principals for Engaging Math Task
The Physical Environment for Learning--make it engaging

My Favorite No Help students learn from their mistakes.
Dan Meyer on "wrong answers are part of the process"
Phil Daro video goes into detail on the problems of "Answer-getting," one of the practices that the new Common Core Standards intend to greatly reduce.

Why Learn Math

Max Ray Blog post Being clear and honest that fluency and drill and practice and lecture belong in math class but that in the absence of fitting into big ideas about quantity, space, relationship, and representation they won’t serve our students.

Engaging end of the year activities. Check here or here