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NWEA: Jenna Gifford Resources
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A web site for the Nebraska Regional MAP meetings

Parent Resources:
Parent Videos:

ESU #8 resources for MAP

Here is the web site for goal setting sheets

YouTube video that show 2nd grade class that set goals and is looking at the goals.

Description of the RIT scale

Here is a link to our web page that discusses “negative growth”

ESU #1 has developed some short videos( 5 minutes) on goal setting, RIT score, and finding reports

Resources for Math by RIT range:
Resources for Reading by RIT range:

School site with MAP resources has some amazing MAP resources. Use the DesCartes and Curriculum Ladders links and explore.

Here is a link to a school in Arizona that is really tackling data-instructional practice in a great way:

This site is shared by Ann Thober from Norris and has some nice examples of documents to use with students.

Research on MAP as NRT